TV Advertising

The Loker Student Union offers a variety of exciting advertising on digital monitors through our 3 story facility. This service creates an effective opportunity for your group to market key event information.

Why Advertise in the Union?

  1. Cost Efficient: It doesn't get any cheaper than *FREE*
  2. High Visibility: Whether visitors are way-finding, eating or enjoying one of the many services in the LSU, they are likely to run into one or more TVs as they pass through the facility.
  3. Ecofriendly: TVs are an environmentally friendly mode of communication.
  4. Reach Guests Earlier: Using facility TV advertising means reaching guests before they even arrive. Use this in your favor to excite and delight guests as they make their way to your event.
  5. Convenient Submission Process: See below for additional information on our submission process as well as specifications for your media.
Category Specifications
Static Ads staticads
  • Images: .jpg files are preferred; .ai or .psd files can also be accomdated
  • All ads must be horizontal in orientation
  • Ads must be sized at 1026 x 636; min. 300 dpi resolution
  • Images may not be distorted or stretched
  • Ad sponsors should include contact info within the ad itself
  • Ads are subject to approval by the Loker Student Union (Marketing Team)
Video Ads videoads
  • or .mov videos may be posted
  • Important: MOS Videos are recommended (videos without sound); LSU TV volumes remain low or off due to facility/environment noise
  • Videos should be high quality
  • Video ads should include contact info with the ad itself
  • Ads are subject approval by the Loker Student Union (Marketing Team)

Submit your Ads to, Melissa Bancroft - Manager, Programs, Marketing and Assessments.