Toro Touchdown Space

The Loker Student Union, in partnership with the CSU, Dominguez Hills, is proud to launch and support the Toro Touchdown Space. Effective, March 1, 2021, this secure, outdoor, tented area exists to accommodate all currently enrolled students, on a first-come, first-served basis. Designed to include various amenities and technologies, this space offers an alternative academic environment for CSUDH students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I submitted a request for a Toro Touchdown Space Reservation but I have not heard back. Who should I contact for follow-up or questions?
A: Please reach out to the Toro Touchdown Space team via email at

Q: Who do I contact for questions, concerns and suggestions for improvement?
A: You may contact the LSU at
Q: May I hold a study group in this space?
A: Due to COVID-19 safety protocols each workstation is for individual-use and cannot accommodate study groups.

Q: Can family members or friends accompany me or visit me during my reservation?
A: The service is exclusive to current enrolled students. Family members or friends cannot visit or be in the space during your reservation.

Q: Can the space accommodate dance student classes?
A: Yes, there are designated spaces within the Toro Touchdown space for dance/movement.
Q: Is there a limit to the number of reservations I can make?
A: You are welcome to make as many reservations as you need to attend your online/alternative instruction courses.

Q: Can I amplify my sound while in my space?
A: As to not disturb your fellow Toros no amplified sound is allowed.

Q: May I leave my space and come back on the same day?
A: You are welcome to book multiple reservations on the same day.

Q: Are professors, faculty and staff allowed to reserve a space?
A: The service is exclusive to current enrolled students.
Q: If I come to campus to use a Toro Touchdown space, is parking free?
A: To learn more about parking regulations and fees, please visit the CSUDH Parking Services.