What makes the Loker Student Union so great are without a doubt the people, and we want you to join our team! All of our departments offer flexible work shifts to accommodate your classes. It's easy for currently enrolled DH students to apply (to more than one job at once, if you like)! Simply complete our short employment application. Note: The application will ask you to upload your most recent resume and current class schedule.

Activities Assistant

Responsible for the planning, publicizing/marketing, execution and evaluation of activities and events.

Custodial Day Porter

Responsible for maintaining an immaculate appearance for the facility while providing quality visual aesthetic service and excellent customer service.

Games Room Attendant

Responsible for supervising and maintaining the Games Room while assisting students/visitors.

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Graphic Designer

Responsible for developing, designing, and creating all visual aspects for advertising and marketing of the Loker Student Union (LSU).

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Guest Services Assistant

Responsible for providing first-line assistance to students/visitors of the Loker Student Union (LSU) by welcoming guests, performing clerical tasks, and providing support of LSU business.

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Operations Assistant

Provide primary support to the Assistant Director under the department of employment by completing high level projects, creating schedules for their department, and being available to assist with various organizational needs.

Reservations Support Clerk

Responsible for providing support to the Loker Student Union (LSU) Reservations and Events Services Office by processing reservations, performing clerical tasks, implementing and communicating policies and procedures for room reservations.

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Set-Up Crew Assistant

Responsible for providing first-line set-up, break-down, assistance for events, programs, and activities held in the Loker Student Union.

Social Media Assistant/Web Designer

Responsible for developing, maintaining and monitoring the Loker Student Union (LSU) website and social media presence.

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Student Building Manager

Responsible for maintaining general operations, activities, services of the Loker Student Union (LSU) in the absence of full time staff by supervising events/programs that occur within and outside of normal LSU operating hours.

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Student Business Assistant

Responsible for assisting with business support processes by helping with special projects related to data collection, maintaining & updating transaction files, generating & distributing collection notices, and more.

Student Maintenance Worker

Responsible for providing general safety and security of the facility, furnishings, equipment, alongside maintenance management staff in the Loker Student Union (LSU).

Technology Assistant

Responsible for maintaining and updating technology in the Loker Student Union (LSU) by conducting software updates on LSU devices, providing advice and information to users, troubleshoot issues on media systems, and submit reports on data findings.

For process, application or job-related questions, please email [email protected]. For website or technical issues, or questions, please email [email protected].

The Loker Student Union (LSU) is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants will be considered without regard to their race, color, religion, marital status, national origin, sex, age, pregnancy, sexual orientation, disability, military and veteran status, or other status protected by state or federal regulation within the limits imposed by law. In order to be eligible for employment with the LSU a student assistant must be officially admitted to the University and must have at least a 2.0 G.P.A.