Reservation Process

Student Club/Organization Facilitators preparation of Event Planner Form in ToroLink (Student Club/Org secures President and Advisor Signature)

If Catering Dining will not be used, Club/Org must complete Catering Exemption in ToroLink for approval

If no Catering is needed, Student Club/Org can submit Event Planner Form in ToroLink

*Facility Approval needed for 1910 Café & Lounge, Athletics Facilities (Gym, Activities Field, Tennis Courts, Combative Room and Pool), Black Resource Center, Any Classroom, DH Sports, Housing, Library, Loker Student Union, Multicultural Affairs, Sculpture Garden, Theater and Toro Dreamer Success Center.* Approval of these spaces will take place in ToroLink

Once event has been approved in ToroLink, The Office of Student Club/Org will send the Event approval And approved Catering Exemption to Reservations & Event Services for processing.

Once request is processed through Reservations & Event Services, the Facilitator will sign Reservation Verification/Facilities Use Agreement within 72 hours

Student Club/Org will get a Reservation Confirmation.

Successful Event