Introducing LSU NXT30

The Loker Student Union is excited to announce the LSU NXT30 Project. We've partnered with advisory firm Brailsford & Dunlavey to assess the current position of your student union. Our goal is to design a strategy to meet your needs for the next 30 years and beyond!

All About LSU NXT30

The goal of the LSU NXT30 Project is to assess the current condition of the student union and project future conditions to design a strategy to meet student needs. The Loker Student Union strives to create a welcoming space for all students. The LSU NXT30 Project will strategically plan to help students have the facility, programs, and services needed to enhance their student experience.
The project is being informed through various forms including a Project Team, Student Focus Groups, a Strategic Asset Value Session, Campus-Wide survey. Students can continue to provide their feedback by attending our Board of Directors meetings or through the Feedback form on the webpage.
The LSU NXT30 Project is in the process of possible early concepts. The finalized design of the future LSU will be done through discussions with students, our Board of Directors, and campus stakeholders.
The Loker Student Union is funded through student fees. A renovation or expansion of the student union will increase the student union fee. The increase will allow for the expansion/renovation, addition of programs, and addition of services to enhance the student experience based on students needs. Your feedback is valuable Toros!
Students can provide feedback by attending the Board of Directors meetings and submitting feedback through the feedback submission form on the webpage. Submissions will be reviewed daily to ensure students have the necessary context to inform the project.
Students can visit the LSU NXT30 display located in the main level next to the Bookstore and Reservations office. Students can also visit the LSU NXT30 webpage and submit any questions on the feedback submission form.

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BOD Student Officers
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University Effectiveness,
Planning, and Analytics
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