The Loker Student Union provides an environment which is designed to encourage interaction among the campus’ constituent groups (internal and external), enhance the sense of campus community, and expand the avenues through which the university educates students.

Through its many activities and services, the Loker Student Union provides cultural, social and recreational programming that supports the educational mission of the University, encouraging the development of citizenship, leadership, and social responsibility for success in a dynamic and pluralistic society.

Our Logo

The LSU went through a year long rebranding process that resulted in a new logo for the organization, a refreshed look inside the student union and renewed energy to take the LSU to the next level. After following a step-by-step process, the analysis and findings led to a logo contest amongst students. The winner of the contest, Adrian Gonzalez, Graphic Designer for the LSU, designed a creative logo that expresses what the campus community felt about the student union.

The LSU wanted to provide a consistent experience and strengthen our brand. The logo design relates to the letter “X” because this letter is a mark, an indicator and an identifier. The letter “X” marks the spot on maps of a specific location, often the place to be, which makes sense given the LSU is both the literal and physical heart of the campus.

The design is made up of four geometric shapes meeting in the center to create unity. Each shape represents a different entity found in the LSU: student, staff, faculty and administrators. The logo was designed to have a sense of movement related to the people who consistently enter and exit the busy building.

Core Values

Organizational Values matter. We believe that our values assist employees in achieving our mission as well as expressing our core beliefs. They are the essence of our organization's identity and serve as a compass for the organization's culture.


  • We are dutiful in serving the best interests of guests & coworkers.
  • We practice responsible stewardship of organizational assets (for today and tomorrow).
  • We encourage and support active citizenship in governance and employment.


  • We are a learning organization which practices active dialogue and shared decision-making.
  • We suspend hierarchy whenever possible.
  • We pursue and cultivate partnerships.


  • We foster an environment where all experience a sense of belonging.
  • We seek to understand and value differences between people.
  • We strive to avoid wronging others by our actions or omissions.


  • We strive for personal mastery within ourselves and those we lead through generative learning.
  • We empower ourselves and each other.
  • We pursue continuous improvement.


  • We align individual purpose to the organization's mission.
  • We nourish work-life balance, wellbeing, and prosperity.
  • We delight in creating moments of unexpected joy for others.


Uphold the mission of the Donald P. and Katherine B. Loker University Student Union, Inc. for current and future generations of California State University, Dominguez Hills students.


  • Student awareness of the LSU mission and active participation in shared-governance, employment, programs, and services offered.
  • Responsible and transparent stewardship of LSU assets.
  • Collaboration with student affairs, auxiliary organizations and academic departments to promote school spirit.
  • Holistic development of students in order to help prepare future global leaders ready to succeed in their chosen profession.
  • Satisfy the university community’s service needs in an aesthetically pleasing, welcoming and inclusive environment.