The Board of Directors was created to assist and advance the university in the pursuit of excellence, continue the friendships formed in the university, build strong and mutually beneficial ties between the university and its diverse alumni, promote goodwill in the community and create a dynamic program that will stimulate interest, build loyalty, increase involvement and generate support for the university.


BOD Messages


The Loker Student Union is the heart of CSUDH and of our community. We are dedicated to ensure the growth of our fellow students, staff, and alumni by encouraging interaction with one another; creating a stronger sense of community. We also fully support the vision of the university in having academic excellence a priority for our Union. It is our goal to provide programming that will contribute to growth of citizenship, leadership, multiculturalism, and social responsibility that are essential to becoming successful leaders of society.

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the status of the LSU building by making sure it is up to date with the growing population of students and by providing programming that enriches the college experience. As Chair of the Board of Directors it is my goal to educate my fellow Toros on the numerous activities, services, and resources the LSU provides to ensure their success and make sure their college experience is one they will want to relive over and over again, and to become active with the LSU to ensure that our Union continues to evolve. We have multiple committees that one can be active in during the semester which are Facilities Use, Personnel, and Finance. Each committee, respectively, will help one master skills for their careers.

Additionally, since the LSU offers a positive space to work, learn and relax I personally encourage all students to view the LSU as your home away from home. If there is anything I can do to better serve you, please feel free to call the LSU Admin office at 310-243-3854 or contact me via email at


“The LSU represents the student voice and student action therefore the LSU needs to become the physical embodiment of the entire Dominguez Hills community.”


"I work towards encouraging more students to step out of their comfort zone and fight for their vision of the LSU community.”

Board of Directors

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2016-2017 LSU Board Members

PositionNameTerm EndTerm Length
Student at Large (Chair)Edwin Avelar6/172-year term
Student at Large (Vice Chair)Marquel Reid6/182-year term
Student at Large (Secretary)Dinh Ly6/182-year term
Student at LargeEvelyn Munoz6/172-year term
ASI Senate RepAdriana Gamino6/171-year-term
ASI Senate RepGrace Iheke6/171-year-term
Student Affairs ManagerDr. Stephen Rice6/182-year term
Community RepTamala Lewis6/172-year term
Academic Senate RepDaniel Cutrone6/182-year term

2015-2016 LSU Board Members

Position Term EndTerm Length
Student at Large (Chair)Edwin Avelar6/172-year term
Student at Large ( Vice Chair)Marquel Reid6/182-year term
Student at Large (Secretary)Dinh Ly6/182-year term
Student at Large Evelyn Munoz6/172-year term
ASI Senate RepAdriana Gamino6/171-year term
ASI Senate RepGrace Iheke6/171-year term
Student Affairs ManagerDr. Stephen Rice6/162-year term
Community RepTamala Lewis6/172-year term
Alumni RepVacant6/182-year term
Academic Senate RepVacant6/172-year term
Ex-Officio Voting
PositionName and/ or titleTerm length
University President (designee)Richard Chestergo with position
Vice President, Student AffairsDr. William Franklingo with position
ASI President ( or Designee)Jordan Sylvestrego with position
Ex-Officio Non Voting
PositionName and or/ titleTerm Length
Chief Fiscal Officer (Designee)Homaira N Masoudgo with position
Director, Facilities PlanningVacantgo with position
Director of Loker Student UnionCecilia Ortizgo with position
Director, Disabled Student ServicesPatrice Ann Wellsgo with position
A.V.P. Student Life/Dean of StudentsDr. David Bravermango with position
Corporate Officers 
PositionName and/ or Title
ChairEdwin Avelar
Vice ChairMarquel Reid
SecretaryDinh Ly
Committee Type:Description:
Faculty Use Committee:Determines how to best utilize the available space within the Union and sets facility policies.
Finance Committee:Develops the annual operation budget and sets fiscal policies.
Personnel Committee:Reviews personel policies, staff compensation conducts the director's evaluation.
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2016-2017 Board Meetings

9.2.16 AgendaSeptember 2LSU Rm 324-32510:00am-12:00pm9.2.16 Minutes
10.7.16 AgendaOctober 7LSU Rm 324-32510:00am-12:00pm10.7.16 Minutes
11.4.16 AgendaNovember 4LSU Rm 324-32510:00am-12:00pm11.4.16 Minutes
12.2.16 AgendaDecember 2LSU Rm 324-32510:00am-12:00pm12.2.16 Minutes
2.3.17 AgendaFebruary 3LSU Rm 324-32510:00am-12:00pm2.3.17 Minutes
3.3.17 AgendaMarch 3LSU Rm 324-32510:00am-12:00pm
April 7LSU Rm 324-32510:00am-12:00pm
May 5LSU Rm 324-32510:00am-12:00pm
June 2LSU Rm 324-32510:00am-12:00pm


9.4.15 AgendaSeptember 4LSU 324-32510 am - 12 pm 9.4.15 Minutes
10.2.15 AgendaOctober 21910 Cafe & Lounge10 am - 12 pm 10.2.15 Minutes
11.6.15 AgendaNovember 61910 Cafe & Lounge10 am - 12 pm 11.6.15 Minutes
12.4.15 AgendaDecember 4LSU 324-32510 am - 12 pm 12.4.15 Minutes
2.5.16 AgendaFebruary 5LSU 324-32510 am - 12 pm 2.5.16 Minutes
3.4.16 AgendaMarch 41910 Cafe & Lounge10 am - 12 pm 3.4.16 Minutes
4.8.16 AgendaApril 8LSU 324-32510 am - 12 pm 4.8.16 Minutes
5.6.16 AgendaMay 6LSU 324-32510 am - 12 pm 5.6.16 Minutes
6.3.16 AgendaJune 3LSU 324-32510 am - 12 pm 6.3.16 Minutes
7.1.16 AgendaJuly 1LSU 324-32510 am - 12 pm 7.1.16 Minutes

2014-2015 Board Meetings

9.12.14 AgendaSeptember 12Room 324-32510am-12pm9.12.14_minutes
10.3.14 AgendaOctober 3Room 324-32510am-12pm10.3.14 Minutes
11.14.14 AgendaNovember 14Room 324-32510am-12pm11.14.14 Minutes
12.5.14 AgendaDecember 5Room 324-32510am-12pm12.5.14 Minutes
1.15.15 AgendaJanuary 15Room 324-32510am-12pm1.15.15 Minutes
2.6.15 AgendaFebruary 6Room 324-32510am-12pm2.6.15 Minutes
3.6.15 AgendaMarch 6Room 324-32510am-12pm3.6.15 Minutes
4.10.15 AgendaApril 10Room 324-32510am-12pm4.10.15 Minutes
5.1.15 AgendaMay 1Room 324-32510am-12pm5.1.15 Minutes
6.5.15 AgendaJune 5Room 324-32510am-12pm 6.5.15 Minutes

2013-2014 Board Meetings

9.6.13 AgendaSeptember 6Room 326-32710am-12pm 9.6.13 Minutes
10.4.13 AgendaOctober 4Room 326-32710am-12pm 10.4.13 Minutes
11.1.13 AgendaNovember 1Cafe 191010am-12pm 11.1.13 Minutes
12.6.13 AgendaDecember 6Room 326-32710am-12pm 12.6.13 Minutes
2.7.14 AgendaFebruary 7Room 326-32710am-12pm 2.7.14 Minutes
3.14.14 AgendaMarch 14Room 324-32510am-12pm 3.14.14 Minutes
4.11.14 AgendaApril 11Room 324-32510am-12pm 4.11.14 Minutes
5.9.14 AgendaMay 9Room 326-32710am-12pm5.9.14 Minutes
6.6.14 AgendaJune 6Club 191010am-12pm6.6.14 Minutes

2012-2013 Board Meetings

9.7.12 AgendaSeptember 7Room 32210am-12pm 9.7.12 Minutes
10.5.12 AgendaOctober 5Room 324-32510am-12pm10.5.12 Minutes
10.11.12 AgendaOctober 11LSU 13110am-12pm10.11.12 Minutes
11.2.12 AgendaNovember 2Room 32210am-12pm 11.2.12 Minutes
12.7.12 AgendaDecember 7Room 324-32510am-12pm 12.7.12 Minutes
2.1.13 AgendaFebruary 1Room 324-32510m-12pm 2.1.13 Minutes
3.1.13 AgendaMarch 1Room 324-32510am-12pm 3.1.13 Minutes
4.12.13 AgendaApril 12Ballroom C10am-12pm 4.12.13 Minutes
5.3.13 AgendaMay 3Room 324-32510am-12pm5.3.13 Minutes
6.7.13 AgendaJune 7Club 191010am-12pm 6.7.13 Minutes
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In compliance with the Richard McKee Transparency Act (Education Code Section 89913-89919), the Loker Student Union, Inc. of California State University, Dominguez Hills is required to provide members of the public, upon request any information relating to the conduct of the student body’s business that is prepared, used or retained by the Loker Student Union, regardless of physical form or characteristics. To request records, please contact the Interim Vice President of Administration and Finance.