BOD Advisory Committee Meetings

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Facility Use Committee

Description: Determines how to best utilize the available space within the Union and sets facility policies.

Chair: Amanda Pablos

Meeting DateStartEndLocation
10/11/173:30pm5:00pmLSU Room 328
11/08/173:30pm5:00pmLSU Room 113
12/13/173:30pm5:00pmLSU Room 113

Finance Committee

Description: Develops the annual operating budget and recommends fiscal policies.

Chair: Anthony Thompson

Meeting DateStartEndLocation
10/19/174:00pm6:00pmLSU Room 328
11/16/172:30pm4:30pmLSU Room 320
12/14/172:30pm4:30pmLSU Room 113

Personnel Committee

Description: Reviews personnel policies, staff compensation and conducts the director’s evaluation.

Chair: Ranferis Hernandez-Cabrera

Meeting DateStartEndLocation
10/31/174:00pm5:30pmLSU Room 322
11/21/174:00pm5:30pmLSU Room 322
12/19/174:00pm5:30pmLSU Room 322