• Where can I reserve a room in the LSU?
  • How do I find out about events in the LSU?
  • Where can I find out about job opportunities on campus?
  • Where can I get a flier approved for posting?
  • Where can I learn about the clubs and organizations on campus?
  • Where can I find a ATM?
  • Where can I purchase amusement park tickets?
  • Where can I print?
Contact the Reservations and Events Services Staff at (310) 243-2013 or visit our page to find out more. http://lsucsudh.org/events/reservations
You can pick up a Toro Productions Calendar in the LSU administration office or in the events office (Room 120). You can also follow our social media pages to stay updated with our events.
To apply, please download an application or visit the LSU Administration Office (Room 131) on the Lower Level of the Loker Student Union. You can also follow our social media page @LokerStudentUnion to find out about job positions avaliable.
The Office of Student Life approves and stamps posters and flyers.
In the Office of Student Life has the  contact information on all campus clubs and organization. Please call (310) 243-2081 or visit them in room 121 on the LSU building.
We sell discount tickets to various theme parks. Most tickets can be purchased online or at ToroZone (game room)
A printing station is available for students at the Information Desk. It allows students, faculty and staff to print out documents through our wireless network. The printing cost is $.15 per page. Students could use their USB’s to print using the laptops available at the info desk.